Our Causes : support with education and basic necessities.

Lights and Joy is a small social business where we donate 100% of our profits to charitable causes. Join our mission and be a small part of something big. 

At Lights And Joy our goal is to provide help with basic necessities such as food and education. Our donation model is to pick a cause, raise funds for it and provide support till we make a meaningful impact. 

For the month of March' 2021, we are raising funds to support education for 4 kids. As part of our efforts, we want to pay for expenses related to school admission, monthly school fee, and necessary school supplies. While every purchase at our store matters, we are requesting people to subscribe for monthly purchases and enable us to pay monthly school fee for these kids. 

Previously, in Feb' 2021 we raised funds to provide food for visually impaired. With the generous support of our community we raised enough funds for one nutritious meal per day for ~100 people for 7 days.

If you have causes that you want to us to support in future, please contact us.